Sunday 17 July 2022

Archbishop Vigano seems to have lost it, but makes one or two interesting points

Archbishop Vigano said that he informed the pope of Cardinal Theodore 'Uncle Ted' McCarrick's "gravely immoral behaviour with seminarians and priests" but the Pope, who had taken McCarrick out of internal exile and made him an influential figure, ignored him. Unfortunately, I tend to believe the allegations, even though after a long time the Pope has said that they are not true.

Since then the Archbishop, a great enthusiast for Donald Trump, has become distinctly odd and in this interview with Steve Bannon, he seems to be a pretty deranged conspiracy theorist, poor man.

Still he has some interesting insights amongst the mad ones, especially about the Catholic Church.

He sees the war in Ukraine as one between Putin and American globalists, which is true but that does not mean that Ukraine's cause is not just. If the war is still being fought in 2024, which God forbid, he says Trump will return to the White House to seek to defeat the deep state. I hadn't thought of that but his return to bring peace sounds likely. He is the king over the water, the US equivalent of the Pretender. (By the way the Pretender, Francis, Duke of Bavaria, celebrated his 82nd birthday a couple of days ago).

Archbishop Vigano sees a deep state within the Catholic Church subverting the faith.

" is enough to see how harshly the clergy and faithful who are traditional are treated by the Vatican, and on the other hand with how much indulgence the Vatican praises notorious pro- abortion activists (I am thinking of Biden and Pelosi among the most striking cases) as well as the propagandists of LGBTQ ideology and gender theory."

 That's undeniably true.

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