Monday 11 July 2022

Conspiracy theories

The American media/ Wall St/ academia/civil service nexus of power - what President Trump called the swamp - has decided that conspiracy theories are thought crimes, except for their conspiracy theories. 

Have they forgotten the conspiracy theory about Trump being a Russian asset, elected because of a KGB operation? Or the conspiracy theory that Trump intended to become a dictator? Historian Timothy Snyder wrote a book arguing that. Or the conspiracy theory that white supremacists are the main terrorist threat to America? Or, most risible of all, the conspiracy theory that an attempted insurrection took place in Washington DC in January 2020.

The establishment media think QAnon is a worrying conspiracy theory for which social media is to blame while BLM, which came into existence on and because of Facebook, is an admirable protest by the marginalised.

The really marginalised are the people who believe in QAnon.

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  1. You accurately observed that the "Jan 6 hearings" thing going on in the USA amount to a conspiracy theory. So, did I, in comments I prefaced to a reblogged post of John Benton's, along with another that's doing the rounds in the UK.

    Here's the link to my reblog of John's post: