Sunday 21 October 2018

The fall of Theresa May seems imminent - at least let's hope so

50,000 people in London marched (the march was described as looking like the queue at Waitrose) in favour of another referendum. In fact it would not be another referendum but the one two years ago reheld. This is how the EU deals with referendums that go the wrong way (as they always do first time for the EU) and this shows how decadent the British now are. We are getting out of the EU just in time.

Suzanne Moore, who in the end voted Remain, in the Guardian of all places explained that we have already had a People's Vote and it's time the Remainers tried to understand why they lost.

"Despising half the country is now the progressive position. So half the country are racist, old, small-minded, poor people who were seduced by a combination of Aaron Banks and delusions of empire. What these people really need is to be lectured constantly by a motley crew of metropolitan celebrities and has-been politicians (Clegg, Heseltine, Blair). Spare me, please."

A.J.P.Taylor said that the Munich Agreement represented all that was best in the British character but even in that very ironic sense of the words the march does not. It is in the British character to believe in playing by the rules and accepting defeat with grace. The decent Remainers say they would vote to leave if a second referendum were held out of disgust at the undemocratic nature of a second referendum.

I have not wasted time reading about whether Theresa May would be toppled from the leadership by her party because it seemed impossible (due to the time taken by Conservative leadership elections) and because there it seemed a matter of sublime indifference who is Prime Minister. What matters is what sort of Brexit we have,

This has changed this weekend. I realise that a leadership election can be kaleidoscoped in just three weeks and David Davis wants to stand as a caretaker leader.

He would be good because his age  (he will be 70 in December) makes it clear that he would keep his word and stand down as soon as we leave the E.U. And with Davis we get a Canada type deal and a hard border with Eire. A hard border with electronic means of detecting contraband.

It does seem that it might be over for that awful woman. 

What a shame that Davis did not overthrow her after her election debacle.

Dan Hodges says this morning:

"Up until now the problem for the Prime Minister has been a perception among her Ministers and backbenchers that she is pursuing a politically unworkable Brexit plan. But this morning a new view is forming. That she has no plan at all.
‘You know that moment when you’re out with your friends, and you’re having a half-decent time, and someone say’s “let’s try somewhere new”. So you all wander off and then after about 15 minutes one of you asks, “OK, where are we going?” and everyone just looks at everyone else, and you realise you’re all just standing there in the rain. That’s what it’s been like this week,’ says an official."

At the end of his book on the fall of Margaret Thatcher the great Alan Watkins quoted the great John Biffen, Mrs Thatcher's quondam Leader of the House of Commons, talking about the moment when it seemed she would indeed be forced from office.

"You know those maps on the Paris Metro that light up when you press a button to go from A to B? Well, it was like that. Someone pressed a button and all the connections lit up."

I think we might be at another of those moments. I hope so.


  1. Tosh.If that was the decent thing to do you would have stood by the result of the first referendum to enter Europe( as well as added the extra zero ). Democracy is slow motion civil war though, and it has no underlining end stop. Had those most affected by the referendum result been able to participate you know very well the outcome would have been different and you and the other would be bleating as you have since the 70's for a re-run. May is perfectly capable of calling a general election as a parthian shot to level the playing field for the next leader. She is renowned among civil servants for being a slow deliver of , well anything, including retribution, but long holder of grudges.

  2. Would be long overdue, it is a small miracle that she has lasted this long.