Monday, 15 October 2018

Malmo's murder rate higher than New York's

Vienna has a murder rate of 1.1/100,000. London has a murder rate of 1.2- New York has a murder rate of 3.4. Malmo has a murder rate of 4.4. So four times higher than Vienna, nearly four times higher than London and higher than New York. 

Pelle Neroth Taylor


  1. To put things in perspective, I believe Caracas is at about 130/100k. Tegucigalpa and Acapulco are there in the triple digits as well if I remember. Bucharest is at around 1, similar to Berlin. Baltimore was hovering around 50, Washington DC around 18-20. This is all coming from memory but I'm pretty confident in the numbers.

    1. David in Belgrade21 October 2018 at 14:39


      Only the top 50 here:

      Sadly, Cape Town where I lived very happily for about 8 years during the last century, is placed no 15 with 62/100k.

      Third world of course but western European cities are getting there.

      In comparison, the whole of Serbia (pop 8 million) had a murder rate of 1.2/100k in 2012.

  2. at 4.6 Renfrewshire beats Malmo, but that's just Scots for you, it's not big or clever to not compare apple with apples. Or in this case your own sour grapes with the big Apple.