Sunday 21 October 2018

Sajid Javid in trouble for tweeting: "These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice”

An unnamed Tory MP has advised Theresa May “bring her own noose” to the forthcoming 1922 Committee meeting, where it will be decided whether she stays or goes. Matthew Norman took offence, but not on behalf of the Prime Minister. In his Independent blog he comments
Always nice to see the argot of the Deep South lynching get a run-out.
(Actually the word lynching antedates the post-bellum American South by 80 years and comes from Charles Lynch, a disgusting man who hanged brave Loyalists during the American revolution.)

Norman also sneers at Tory M.P. Johnny Mercer for saying yesterday:
“Any disagreement is met by howls of personal abuse. MPs are expected to accept the abuse of their wives, children, homes …”
He should have said spouses, not wives. Matthew Norman says he could go on pointing out breaches of politically correct form recently on the part of Tory MPs but time is short and so he comes to his point.
“These sick Asian paedophiles,” wrote the home secretary of the 15 men convicted on Friday in Huddersfield, “are finally facing justice.”
If Javid imagines his racial and religious origins offer any defence to the charge of incendiary race-baiting, he must be out of his tiny mind.

On Friday a gang of twenty mostly Muslim Pakistanis were jailed for raping hundreds of mostly underage white girls in Huddersfield. This is absolutely by no means an isolated incident. Similar gangs have operated across England. And whenever Muslims are violent the immediate reaction in Britain is concern lest this leads to Islamophobia. Islamophobia, in this case on the part of the Home Secretary, who is himself a Muslim born to Pakistani immigrants.

It’s perfectly obvious to everyone who has read up on the rape gang issue that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are Pakistani Muslims. The use of the word 'Asian' in this context understandably much offends Britain's Hindus, Sikhs and others, who have complained for many years about the use of the misleading term in relation to the grooming gang trials. This is the thing that deserves pointing out about the Home Secretary's tweet.

Matthew Norman's page in The Independent site says he specialises in political satire. I suppose this is satire. Satire can enforce the ruling ideology rather than subvert or laugh at it but I prefer satire that laughs at humbug rather than indulging in it - or at least, if it doesn't do that then satire that is funny.

The leader of the men convicted in the Huddersfield grooming trial is a Sikh and this has been gleefully pointed out in the media, who never mention religion when convicted criminals are Muslim. In fact, Amere Singh Dhaliwal, the leader of the gang, converted to Sikhism from Islam and therefore adopted the name Singh, apparently to hide his identity.

His behaviour doesn't suggest he is searching for a true religion.


  1. Posted byu/DrAIRrr
    2 days ago
    The BBC never like to mention the religion of child gang rapists, calling them Asian. Except when they point out one of them is a Sikh. Pity he was a Muslim when he carried out the rapes. Oops BBC.

  2. Sikhs are angry about the gang leader's supposed conversion.

  3. Ruth Dudley Edwards: A propos vicious remarks about knives and nooses from one or two pro-Brexit Tory opponents of Theresa May, let's not forget anti-Brexit George Osborne's remark last year that he wanted her "chopped up in bags" in his freezer.