Saturday 13 October 2018

Feminists are the locomotive which pulls the train of political correctness

Feminists are the locomotive which pulls the train of political correctness.

Other minority groups are that, minorities. Women are the majority.

More and more it becomes clear in politics and, if they are still distinguishable from politics, in society as a whole and in the churches that, as an anonymous 1960s American radical said,

“The issue is never the issue."
The victim groups are being used to destroy things that committed people want to destroy. Immigration is favoured by the hard new left for the same reason.

In 1919, the Hungarian Communist literary theorist Georg Lukacs asked, 
"Who will save us from Western civilization?"
He meant by that that after the failure of Communist revolutions in Germany, Austria and Hungary, Marxists had to conclude that the workers had failed to rise against their oppressors because of their false consciousness. This false consciousness included, in Lukacs’s words, the whole of Western civilisation.

These ideas are no longer confined to Marxists, of course. Marxists, in fact, dislike the new identity politics. But behind the new identity politics, as behind Communism and terrorism, is an urge to destroy. At a deeper level it is nihilism.


  1. No the lawyers are...too afraid of being sued... so Corp American went full political correctness... complete nightmare!

  2. At a deeper level it is nihilism.

    I think it's female irrationality and emotional craziness. Women don't know why they get angry. They get angry because of their hormones. And then they want to smash things. They want to smash society. Female hormones have destroyed western civilisation.

    There's also female envy of course. And then there's the fact that they know that time is always against them. A woman is middle-aged at 35. That's why in a sane world women try to make sure they get a husband when they're in their twenties. But they don't do that any more. They wait until they're in their late thirties and then they find out they're past their use-by date.

    Women are irrational and emotional but a sane society makes allowance for that and prevents women from doing stupid destructive things. Women have remade society to make it crazier and as society gets crazier women get crazier and crazier.

    The purpose of civilisation is to protect women from themselves. Our civilisation has failed.

    1. I leave it to other readers to comment on this and hope they will, but thank you for the discussion points. Nineteenth century ways of thinking are always worth pondering on and often make good sense.