Monday 1 October 2018

The Kavanaugh hearings are about abortion and about war between two elites

The Senate confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a gripping novel where things done in their youth come back to haunt and punish the characters in middle age. It has almost everything: sex; politics; religion; possibly a crime.

It's as gripping as the Dreyfus affair, though I do not know who is Dreyfus and who Esterhazy. I hope an innocent man does not get sent to Devil's Island.

The hatred and bigotry that Democrats display towards Judge Kavanaugh is astonishing, though Republicans are just as hateful and bigoted when the boot is on the other foot. I have not seen one Democrat who believes or one Republican who doubts Kavanagh's

This, I think, is on the whole a good, not a bad thing. In England this would all be sorted out by civil servants.

Behind the anger and hatred is abortion. Abortion might be behind the accusations against the judge, though I am not sure. I saw evil when I looked into the eyes of Anita Hill, who long ago accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, but this time I do not know. 

As well as hating him for being a Catholic (a real one who, unlike Joe Biden, accepts the Church's teaching on abortion), people also hate the judge because he is white, even though the women in the case are also white. Not only is he white, but he is a man. 

As America becomes less white and more of its leaders are women accusations of racism and sexism dominate all public discourse. This is a very bad thing. 

Jim Goad in Taki's Magazine has collected some tweets:

Hell hath no fury like a white man told he can’t take whatever he wants whenever he wants it.Steven W. Thrasher

Kavanaugh reeks of white entitlement. Toure

Kavanaugh is the kind of dangerous, entitled white man many of us have encountered all throughout our lives. If he is confirmed, I’m even more afraid of the revenge he’ll seek after this hearing.Raquel Willis

Time to utterly crush the old white boy power base in Washington. Because it looks like this committee and it looks like Biff Kavanaugh and it needs to be eviscerated permanently… it is the old America and must give way to the new and only version worthy of its promise Tim Wise

The racial and class hatred is horrible. It is also grotesque. 

Curiously, the accusations of racism are made by anti-racists who think white men tend to be rapists. I sense a contradiction here.

To assert that many black men commit rapes is absolutely unacceptable, but to assert that upper middle-class white men habitually do so is absolutely fine. 

To accuse Arabs of having a rape culture is racist, but it is fine to say this of upper middle-class American boys, even though it is not true.

If this seems silly, it is not silly at all. Nothing could be more serious. 

It is a fight between the old elite, old money, Episcopalian or more often ex-Episcopalian and WASP, the elite that have run the country since they won the Civil War, and people who want to oust the old elite and form a new one to take its place. On the side of the new inchoate elite it is a fight to the death.

When the American elite opened the country's doors to immigrants from all over the world in the 1960s they do not get nearly as much gratitude as you might expect from the people who benefited. Instead old, white men get it in the neck all the time. Please note that people are not motivated by gratitude, but by envy, discontent, pride and lust for power and recognition.

Is an equivalent fight taking place in Western Europe? 

No, or not in the same way - the centre-right throughout Western Europe and Britain is statist, globalist, post-Christian (even though many centre right leaders are liberal Protestants) and socially liberal. The real clash of ideas in Western Europe is not the one around threadbare arguments about economics within the political establishments, but the ones about sovereignty and immigration that produced, for example, Brexit. 

But Europe, unlike the USA, has no tradition of distrusting its political class and not even much distrust any more of the state. Europeans therefore cannot understand the American arguments about guns or health insurance or the Tea Party, much less why Donald Trump became President.

Barbara Amiel wrote this article four years ago on the subject of male students misbehaving with female ones when drunk. It is topical in view of the Judge Kavanaugh case. It caused cries of outrage in some quarters.

I said that the days are gone when one could believe judges, since people no longer believe bishops, cardinals or even the Pope. Here is yet another example of the Pope being accused of lying, this time by a liberal magazine


  1. I agree that the Democrats played this one to maximum effect, eliciting a "Caine mutiny" performance from Kavanaugh, thus demonstrating that he is not fit for an appointment to the highest court. If the Republicans persist in confirming him, then they will pay the price. The Democrats will have exacted their pound of flesh. Normally this might have all been avoided had someone quietly spoken to the GOP and presented Ford's charges, resulting in a quiet withdrawal of his nomination. Any number of reactionary judges with no clouds hanging over them would have been available. What makes Kavanaugh indispensable to President Tweet is that he will shamelessly run cover for the White House when the Mueller-Trump confrontation comes to a head. Thus, the third branch of government will have been engulfed by the corruption of Trumpism. Chilling.

  2. I have just seen the man's testimony and think it moving. There is no reason why men should not cry - Churchill was always in tears. I must say Senators Durbin and Blumenthal seem reptilian.

  3. Marc I always think for myself rather than taking a line from the press. Mueller is obviously a hill of beans and it is appalling of you to suggest that Judge Kavanaugh is not an impartial judge. If he construes the law as it is written this is a good thing, not reactionary.

    This video clip is excellent from the always enjoyable Paul Joseph Watson. You should watch it.

  4. Barbara Amiel wrote a good article in the 1990s about how men and women at work are human beings and sexual. I cannot find it but found this which is timely in view of the Kavanaugh case. It caused outrage in some quarters.

  5. Certainly women's rights, minortiy rights to vote, workers rights, and a belief that getting sick should not cause bankruptcy are all in this mix. Kavanagh has shown himself to be completely partisan and this bothers people. Being conservative or liberal in outlook does not mean you cannot hear a case fairly - on it's merits. Being a Newt Gingrich partisan is a different matter.

  6. Kavanaugh is a fully paid-up creature of the DC elite and a loyal Bushie. As usual, Trump is pretending to overthrow the elite while entrenching it with this appointment.

  7. The Clinton chaser is now the chased.
    Try your own medicine. Do you like the taste?

  8. “It is a fight between the old elite, old money, Episcopalian or more often ex-Episcopalian and WASP, the elite that have run the country since they won the Civil War, and people who want to oust the old elite and form a new one to take its place. On the side of the new inchoate elite it is a fight to the death.”

    You're at least 50 years behind the times. The old WASP elite long ago were a spent force and ceased to runt he country. See "Ethnic Hegemonies in American History" by George Hocking. The old WASP elite were long ago displaced by a Jewish one:

    "Jewish influence on American thought had been significant since a virtual Jewish monopoly on motion pictures was established at the start of the twentieth century,[11] but it increased dramatically in the 1950s when television entered most homes and sharply reduced community discourse.[12] Jews were also influential in book publishing and dominant in many other areas that shaped culture from art criticism[13] to Broadway[14] and comics.[15] Most significantly, and facilitating the rest, they controlled the New York Times and the Washington Post, the most influential newspapers in America’s two power centers.[16] Media dominance also facilitated successful efforts of well-connected Jews in the scientific community like Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu (born Israel Ehrenberg), Richard Lewontin, and Stephen J. Gould to suppress research on human biodiversity.[17]

    Another measure of hegemony is economic power. By 1979 Jewish per capita income in the United States was 66 percent greater than that of the nation’s founding British-descended ethnic groups, which had even fallen 26 percent behind descendents of Japanese imported as Gilded Age cheap labor.[20] It is a cliché in academia and the media that America is run by “privileged white males,” disparagingly called WASPS (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants), but this doesn’t withstand scrutiny. In Los Angeles, for example, so-called WASPs are 16 percent behind Jews in median household income.[21] Mike Davis describes Los Angeles’s shift from WASP to Jewish hegemony in detail.[22]

    Much of the Jewish hegemony’s power came from dominating America’s left, but the normal function of the left everywhere else is equalizing incomes and power between social classes, which would have been highly disadvantageous to Jews once they became America’s richest and most powerful ethnic group. The experience of National Socialism in Germany taught Jews to regard white working people not as a natural constituency to be organized, but as another “peasantry” capable of erupting into pogroms. The experience of Stalinism in the USSR showed Jews that orthodox Marxism was a golem that could escape their control. The solution was to create a New Left that would more reliably secure Jewish power and Jewish interests. The consequence is the seeming paradox of an America that has become ever more oligarchic as it moves further to the left."

    Indeed the very fact that the Jew Tim Wise can openly declare “it’s time to utterly crush the White Boy power structure” and still enjoy respectful media treatment, invited to give lectures at 600 college campuses (according to his wiki page) as well as corporations and federal government agencies (with not a whisper of protest) is proof there is no “white boy power structure”!

    If it really existed, Tim Wise wouldn't be a thing. Whiteness studies and "White Privilege" theory wouldn't be a thing. The fact of their existence proves and that whites as a collective are already broken and powerless.

    If on the other hand any public figure said “its time to smash the Jewish power structure” he would be non-personed instantly. Because that structure actually exists and wields actual power. As Gilad Atzmon said, "Jewish power is the capacity to stop people talking about Jewish power."