Saturday, 27 October 2018

Identity politics and the synagogue murders

The latest suspect, a man suspected of murdering ten people in an American synagogue, is a white, anti-Trump anti-Semite and neither a Trump supporter nor a Muslim. 

The suspect accused of sending bombs to Democrats that did not go off has a history of issuing terrorist threats which long predates the Trump administration. He might or might not have had Trump stickers on his car and is a registered Democrat or possibly Republican. 

How odd this game is of seeing which camp is the killer in from every time. This is what identity politics means folks and it is just getting started!

The ricin sent to Donald Trump and other Republicans is largely ignored, though a man has just been sentenced to life imprisonment. Did you hear about it?

The American press is not even-handed in its coverage, lest you did not know that.

What has happened is that mentally unstable men have been violent. The commentary about the impending fascist takeover is a waste of your time, dear reader. it keeps journalists in their precarious employment.

It is true, however, that mentally ill people can be susceptible to all sorts of mass psychological forces and even demonic ones.


  1. The bomb sender was a documented regular at Trump rallies and a registered Republican. His van was covered with Trump stickers and a picture of Mrs Clinton's face in target crosshairs. I am aware of the ricin although it has been less played up. Its targets were lower-profile.

    It is always tenuous to connect crazed acts to political speech, but Trump's constant labeling of people as evil vermin and enemies who deserve violence has not been helpful. It is frightening.

  2. Compare the media reaction to the Pittsburgh massacre to the Antioch massacre, when the Sudanese migrant Emanuel Samson shot up a bunch of White people in the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ it trended on Twitter for an hour or so before it was quickly sandboxed and is only remembered as a local story.

    Or for example the 2017 Sutherland Springs shooting, deadliest mass shooting in a place of worship in American history, committed by an communist Antifa supporter, Devin Kelly. Who remembers him? Nobody. Again pretty much memory holed.

    This article lays it out:

    There have been a slew of anti-White attacks that barely registered in the media, and that was down to a deliberate policy by Jewish media executives and editors:

    "Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers and wounded three others in the wake of protests of the police shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016.

    Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others, also in the wake of protests over the death of Alton Sterling in 2016.

    James Hodgkinson was the left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who attempted to assassinate the Republican congressional baseball team in Arlington, VA in 2017.

    Fredrick Scott is the serial killer who murdered five white men on Kansas City hiking trails from 2016 to 2017. He was motivated by a desire to “kill all white people.

    None of these men are household names. None of them sparked “national conversations” about the need to tone down anti-white or anti-conservative hatred and prejudice. No flags were removed because of their actions."

    These stories were suppressed because it doesn’t serve the agenda of demonising and dispossessing American whites.

    Rob Eshman of the LA times:

    “The Jews gunned down in the Tree of Life Synagogue died for a cause.
    Whether they knew it or not, whether they supported the cause or not, they died defending the right of desperate people to find safe shelter.”


    “These random elderly Jews who were shot and killed at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh are worth more dead than alive because we can exploit their deaths to push more political correctness, internet censorship and third world resettlement within white neighbourhoods”