Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Political correctness is imposed by a section of the graduate class on everyone else

According to Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarised Landscape, 80% of Americans agree with the statement ‘political correctness is a problem in our country’, including 75 % of black Americans 82 per cent of Asians, 87 per cent of Hispanics and 88% of American-Indians. I learnt this from an article in Spiked. So who likes PC?

The Hidden Tribes researchers identified a section of society which it labelled ‘progressive activists’. This group includes those most wedded to political correctness: only 30 per cent see it as a problem. It is characterised as being young, cosmopolitan and liberal. But it makes up just eight per cent of the US population. They are also disproportionately white: 80 per cent of the ‘progressive activists’ surveyed were white compared with 69 per cent of those surveyed overall. They are also overwhelmingly better-off: so-called progressive activists are three times as likely to have a postgraduate education and twice as likely to be earning over $100,000 a year.

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