Monday 29 October 2018

Sic transit Angela Merkel at last

Frau Merkel, just announced that she will not stand for her party's leadership again when her term of office ends in December, but hopes to continue as German Chancellor. 

She has been the worst German Chancellor since Hitler, not forgetting Ulbricht and Honecker. 

The terrible things they did can be put right over several generations, her mistakes not.

She stands down after both her party and their coalition partners, the Social Democrats, did very badly yesterday in Hesse and two weeks ago in Bavaria. 

The election results, despite the damage they did to the Christian and Social Democrats, were not good news. They showed the Social Democrats are being edged out by an extreme and very worrying party, who look certain to enter government. 

This party is the Greens, true children of 1968, left-wing social liberals who want open borders. The future of Germany looks left-wing for the near future, since the Christian Democrats and the dying Social Democrats are centre -left parties. The Christian Democrats also lost votes in Hesse to the Greens.

Still, it is certain that one day Germans will require the borders to be closed with a resounding clang.

I imagine the anti-immigration parties will come to power across Europe, unless conventional conservative parties convincingly match their policies, although this will probably happen last in Germany - and England, because of her two-party system. 

But though anti-immigration parties of one sort or another will win power, I suspect that they will not stop mass immigration. 

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  1. I imagine the anti-immigration parties will come to power across Europe

    What will happen is that the nationalist parties will realise that they are not going to get more than 15-20% of the vote solely on anti-immigration policies because anti-immigration policies (sadly) are unpopular.

    So they will try to broaden their appeal. They have two options. They can either transform themselves into radical populist parties that reject the totality of the current system, or they can quietly drop their anti-immigration policies and become respectable parties with policies that are identical to those of all the other parties.

    The second option is the most likely one. It offers power. Democracy corrupts everyone and everything. Nationalist parties will be corrupted just as surely as all the other parties were corrupted.

    I suspect that they will not stop mass immigration.

    I agree.