Monday, 15 October 2018

It is a bit rich for Hillary to complain of sexism

Hillary Clinton achieved great and unaccountable power and almost became U.S. President, without any conspicuous ability, simply because of being married to her husband, yet she complains that “way Trump debated” her was “imbued with sexism.”

When he threatened that if he lost he would not accept the result she rightly accused him of acting improperly, yet she and her supporters blame the Russians and sexist and racist voters. It would be a sin to enjoy her unhappiness and whatever bad things she has done she is probably a perfectly good person. I will not believe she is a murderess until I see proof, though she did laugh about Gadaffi's horrible death, which she caused. 

However, American politics is enormous fun. I said in this blog in 2016 that one reason for voting for Trump was that with him nothing would be boring for a moment. I made a good point.

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