Saturday, 13 October 2018

Wise Democrats should vote Republican this time in congressional elections

It is such a shame that the Republicans will probably lose their majority in the House this time. It will send the stock exchange plummeting further which could even trigger a financial crash and will certainly mean a painfully divided country becomes much more painfully divided. Even Democrats should vote Republican this one time for these two reasons.


  1. The problem is that the Republicans are like the Tories. They've been so vicious and so treacherous and so obsessed with sucking up to billionaires for so long that no matter how bad the Democrats get for many people the thought of voting for Republican scum (or Tory scum) is just too much.

    1. You think Democrats don't suck up to rich donors just as much? What was Hillary doing out of public view talking to people who paid vast sums for tickets to hear her?

    2. Both sides are disgusting and appalling, no question. But if you're not wealthy I think it's reasonable to assume that you'll get kicked even more savagely by the Republicans.

      There is absolutely no reason why any Democrat voter would want to put their trust in the Republicans. At least with the Democrats they might get a few handouts.

      Reagan picked up a lot of Democrat voters because he seemed to offer them something. Some sort of hope. It turned out to be a false hope but at least he gave the impression of believing in something. Trump has done the same thing but even people who might be persuaded to vote for him again are unlikely to be persuaded to vote for the Republican scum in Congress.

      I can't see conventional electoral politics getting any western countries out of the mess they're in.

    3. What kind of politics would you like?

      Something along the lines of feudalism. Interlocking webs of rights and duties. Hierarchical. With a strong king at the top. No elections. No democracy. Democracy is organised political prostitution. I don't think any kind of democratic politics can ever be made to work. It's inherently corrupt and it corrupts the people as well as the politicians.

      I think that all the European social experiments since the Reformation have failed.

      OK, feudalism probably isn't likely to make a comeback. My second preference would be something like the Franco regime - conservative Catholic and authoritarian. But since there's no longer an actual Catholic Church that's going to be difficult to achieve.

      Of the futures that are actually possible I think a European caliphate is probably the least worst scenario, Liberalism has to be destroyed and I don't think there's any force other than Islam that can do it. The Catholic Church pre-Vatican II was our best hope and it's gone.

      That's for Europe. As for the U.S. it will be better for humanity as a whole if the U.S. isn't saved.

    4. That's basically the Gulf country model in the Arabian peninsula. A strong leader, no democracy, curtailed social rights (free speech, etc.) but very strong economic rights (mostly free market and total freedom of association), with a conservative flavor. It works well for the economies and general happiness of the population.