Monday, 22 October 2018

Britons need to back Brexit, says Remainer MP

My last post quoted Captain Johnny Mercer, M.P., who committed the solecism of referring to MPs' wives rather than 'husbands and wives'. The article in which he did so is an interesting one, published in yesterdays' Sunday Times. It's interesting because Mercer is a great admirer of David Cameron and his 'compassionate conservatism', and was on the Remain side in the referendum. He now urges people to embrace Brexit. 

He also says that he would not vote Conservative were he not a politician. (2015 was the first time he voted and he voted for himself.)

It contains these words that I like very much.
That “hopey-changey” thing that Barack Obama talked about — it’s our turn. Britain is a naturally aspirational country. We are unique, no doubt about it. We have become the first country in the world to vote for politics over economics, and back Brexit. Don’t sneer at it; embrace it. Stop campaigning about how bad the other side is, and speak to
that uniquely brilliant British spirit that flows through the towns and cities of this country. People will come — good politics is not dead.

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