Thursday 13 October 2022

'I'm just saying, if I got my dog vaccinated against rabies 3 times and he still got rabies, I'd have questions'

I was a lockdown sceptic, though not enough of one, but not a vaccine sceptic. I was vaccinated three times against Covid, but the vaccines were not what we were told. 

If I have time I'll look into the subject, but it's hard work because information about Covid vaccines is carefully hidden, like information about a very long list of subjects. 

(When was there less free speech in England? In the reign of King James II? No, probably that of James I or the first Elizabeth.)

It seems that a third vaccine doesn't do much or any good and I won't have any more. 

I admire the insouciance of an Anglo-Russian friend who didn't get vaccinated simply from laziness. She is a heroine of our times.

I also liked the meme that said 'I'm just saying, if I got my dog vaccinated against rabies 3 times and he still got rabies, I'd have questions'.

Here is Cristian Terheș, MEP speaking to an institution for which I don't usually I have much respect, the European Parliament, after the boss of Pfizer Albert Bourla refused to appear before a committee.
"They haven't tested the vaccine to see if it's stopping the spread of the virus. So we're asking again: what are they hiding?"
He is a Romanian who belongs to the PNTCD (National Peasants Christian Democratic Party) after being elected on the PSD (Social Democratic Party) list.


  1. I was never vaxx'd for a relatively even split between 1.) stubborn don't like to be told to do what I think is wrong 2.) Catholic moral teaching on vaxx lines from aborted cells' 3.) no history of the side effects. I guess fourth was I'm a healthy 62 YO senior athlete who doesnt even get the flu or colds.

  2. Lucky you. I am getting over a bad cold. I remember being anti lockdown but I took my post about Knut Wittkowski down for awhile and then amended it in case it led to people catching the virus but I did bore on and on about what you can call Covid scepticism - and got attacked for it by timorous people. What a world we live in.