Thursday 20 October 2022

Come in number 56, your time is up

Pitt the Elder 2 years, 76 days
The Earl of Aberdeen 2 years, 42 days
Sir Anthony Eden 1 year, 279 days
The Earl of Wilmington 1 year, 119 days
Marquess of Rockingham 1 year, 113 days
The Earl of Rosebery 1 year, 109 days
The Duke of Grafton 1 year, 106 days
Lord Grenville 1 year, 42 days
Sir Alec Douglas-Home 363 days
The Earl of Bute 317 days
The Earl of Shelburne 266 days
The Duke of Devonshire 225 days
Andrew Bonar Law, who was dying, 211 days
Viscount Goderich, 144 days
George Canning, who died in office, 119 days
Liz Truss 45 days so far but has up to 8 days to go.

As the King said, oh dear oh dear.

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