Thursday 27 October 2022

Russian universities ordered to teach anti Western ideology


'Russian universities ordered to teach anti-western ideology' (headline in The Times this evening). I am not sure I get this. Western universities have done this for decades so is anti western ideology anti western or western?


  1. So, what is an "anti-Western" ideology? "Love God, have kids, no peepee in butt"?

  2. In the Russian defector Anatola Golytsyn’s book, The Perestroika Desception, he explains that the fall of the USSR was a ruse in order to get Soviet agents infiltrated into western governments. He explains that the teaching of cultural Marxism in universities was also a Soviet plan/plant. Same with degeneracy, ie. pushing homosexuality/transgender ideology on children, disrespect for elders/ culture, etc.

  3. Swedish health service helps out when males want to provide breast feeding. I didn't realise this was even possible