Wednesday 26 October 2022

Don't take the BBC on trust - before the referendum our GDP was 78% of Germany's - now it's 76%.

6 years ago, Facebook reminds me, I asked, 'Which is England's greatest enemy now we are leaving EU? The BBC, the Anglican clergy or asylum seekers?'

It was meant as a joke, people.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't true.

I might add the USA, nowadays.

But the BBC is one of the enemies.

BBC World TV is a deeply saddening way to start the day. 

A man called Jonathan Charles, presented as an expert but who turns out to be a former BBC reporter, talked about the challenges to the new British Prime Minister to get closer to the EU and how thanks to Brexit the British economy had gone from 90% of the size of Germany's before the referendum to 70%. He doubtless wants the UK to rejoin the Single Market. 

His figures were not corrected by the BBC, even though they have a department that exists to expose disinformation. 

But they were on Twitter, by Andrew Neil.

Andrew Neal's contract with the BBC, as you know, was not renewed, though he was their best man.

I can't help wishing Andrew Neil were Prime Minister, but am very hopeful about Richi. 

He is ferociously clever and best friends with James Forsythe of the Spectator who persuaded him to go into politics, and in favour of sending refugees to Rwanda, or so he says. He was anti-EU and a Thatcherite when Liz Truss was a Liberal Democrat arguing that the monarchy should be abolished and ten-year-olds should have the vote.

For some reason he is seen as on the left and Boris on the right- which is the reverse of the truth.

As for Liz Truss, her wasteful spending plans were the reverse of Thatcherite. People talk about 'vulgar Marxists'. She is a very vulgar Thatcherite indeed. 

If you like Thatcherites Rushi Sunak is one.

The change of British government is the catalyst for a Remainer media campaign to undo Brexit or at least get the UK back into the Single Market (which might have been an acceptable option in 2016). It won't succeed, at least until Labour returns to power. 
Julie Burchill wrote this yesterday: ''‘We’re the Sick Man Of Europe again!’ I heard a Remoaner gloat on the radio this week. It’s too much democracy, all these Prime Ministers coming and going - why can’t we just decided on one un-elected bureaucracy and stick with it?'

The BBC is the old Liberal Party, which retained its hold on British culture and  the liberal wings of Conservative and Labour Parties. 

A couple of days ago the BBC man purringly interviewed an EU Commissioner who complained that 7 million married women in the EU who stay at home would go out to work if given enough inducements. He did not suggest that there might be anything to be said for them staying at home, if they wanted to. 

Liberalism, which had much to be said for it in the 1930s, has morphed into the waking nightmare in which Western Europeans live. It hasn't really come to Eastern Europe yet but will. Canada has it worst of any country. The USA is the fons et origo of it all, by which I mean this pseudo-liberalism that started in the 1960s, but in the USA there is some strong resistance.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail is happy.


  1. Andrew Neil
    I think Brexiteers have a hard time showing us the benefits so far. But for Remainers to claim last few months is direct consequence of Brexit — as opposed to Truss (remainer) stupidity — illustrates how Remainer/Brexiteer drivel devalues our public discourse.

  2. You do realize the USA became your GB enemy when we financed your ward debt in WW1, right? Minor snark as we're ruled by brown people now. For the most part, your "white man's burden" was considerably more well executed than ours.

    1. I agree with the last sentence. Look at the modern Middle East, though we made a terrible mess of it too. If only the Ottoman Empire still ruled the whole area from the Topkapi Palace.

  3. My friend Bunny Sheffield put the case for Brexit brilliantly in 2017: "I voted for the principle of national sovereignty and I expect to suffer for this choice. You do know there have been actual *wars* of independence, don't you? It will not be easily won. A lot of remainers seem to be saying that they are *not* prepared to suffer for the principle of national sovereignty and that if we suffer just one jot of inconvenience or anxiety, we should have remained."

  4. Andrew Neal tweeted this: Taking Q2 this year with Q2 2021 the UK economy has grown 4.4%. Eurozone 4.3%. Germany 1.7%. France 4.2%. Italy 5%. I can see Brexit might have constrained growth in previous years. On these stats (from anti-Brexit Economist) I can’t see current constraint evidence.