Thursday 6 October 2022

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"Be yourself, your full, complete, whole-layered, sometimes weird, sometimes awesome but always best and true self…" Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in her latest podcast that Ruth Dudley Edwards describes as magnificently solipsistic.

“I have had many other adventures since. Yet this was the first and most important one. It set the tone for my whole life. It taught me that non-conformity in thought and deed is the only vital life. The individual is more important than the mass. Any single person can change history. MPs are the lest effectual of citizens. Political parties are for sheep-minds. Heresy is Godliness." Ian Hamilton who stole the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey in 1950 and who died on Monday.

“I realised that in every situation, whether I was right or wrong, I had to be strong. I had to be able to answer back.” Vladimir Putin in 2012, reflecting on fights as a schoolboy, quoted in today's Times.

Anastasiya Kashevarova, co-founder of independent Russian news outlet Daily Storm, on Saturday


  1. Don’t you love the Russian commentator’s indignation on behalf of civilians when Russia is well known for strafing defenseless civilians from the air? That was their MO in Chechnya I wonder how she feels about today’s bridge explosion. She’s probably ripping her hair out.

  2. People care more for their countrymen than the enemy. That's how it is.