Saturday 1 October 2022

Why is big business Woke? A good explanation.


This 55 second clip about Woke is very illuminating -'Just call it fascism' says Jordan Peterson at the end. 

I don't know who spoke for the first 50 seconds.

Giorgia Meloni champions the traditional family, Christianity and the traditional ideas of two sexes rather than many genders, something rare in Western Europe. None of the candidates for leadership of the British Conservative party and therefore British Prime Minister did so. She blames Woke on international financiers and multinational businesses who want to replace traditions with consumerism. This may seem unlikely but big business has become socially liberal and the clip gives a plausible explanation for why.

Toby Young wrote about this three years ago. PayPal since closed his account with them because they disliked his politics, but were forced to reopen it.

I really don't understand why people think Jordan Peterson is right-wing. He's not. He's not really political at all or wasn't when he first became a cause celebre. His ideas are the common sense of writers from ancient Greece onwards, as anyone who spent his youth reading old books knows. 

But perhaps common sense is now right-wing.


  1. A Christian nurse has claimed the NHS is “forcing racist ideology” on students, in the first case of its kind.

    Amy Gallagher, 33, is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust alleging discrimination on the basis of race, religion and philosophical belief, as well as victimisation and harassment.

    The mental health nurse, who is in the final stages of a two-year course in forensic psychology at the trust, objected to a lecture titled “whiteness – a problem of our time” in Oct 2020, where attendees were forced to confront “the reality of white privilege”.

    In another race lecture the following month, Ms Gallagher claimed she was told that “Christianity is racist because it is European” by a talk leader.

  2. Nothing Peterson says is remotely illuminating. That said, he does appeal to delusional, angry Incels.