Thursday 6 October 2022

People don't understand appeasement or 1938 or the horrors of war


I know I quote this over and over again. It keeps being topical.

"In 1938 Czechoslovakia was betrayed. In 1939 Poland was saved. Less than one hundred thousand Czechs died during the war. Six and a half million Poles were killed. Which was better – to be a betrayed Czech or a saved Pole?"

A.J.P. Taylor got the numbers wrong when he asked this question.

In fact, just between 5.6 and 5.8 million Poles died and 345,000 Czechoslovakians.

Is it better to be a saved Iraqi or Libyan than to have been left under Saddam's or Gadaffi's rule?

Would it be better to be a Syrian had the Americans intervened to overturn the very cruel Assad regime, which Hillary Clinton, 8 days before the 2016 election, said would be her 'top priority'? 

We shall see what is left of Ukraine at the end of this war. Russian generals think it might last ten years. Edward Luttwak mentioned seven. 

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