Friday 21 October 2022

Miss Truss's Little Outing

"The title of an Evelyn Waugh story seems appropriate to describe Liz Truss's short period in office - 'Excursion In Reality'." Irina Zvenigovo 

I thought of another story by Evelyn Waugh, Mr Loveday's Little Outing, about a lunatic released for a day who commits a murder, but that's much too dark.

"Liz Truss was dealt a bad hand and played it badly, but despite the broadcast media spending a fortnight treating every day as if it were Black Wednesday (which in reality was Golden Wednesday for the economy from then on), she did not ‘crash the economy’, as many have hysterically claimed. The economy was already in pieces and there is much worse to come. Goldman Sachs has already taken 0.6 per cent off the UK’s GDP forecast for 2023, partly because of the rise in Corporation Tax. (Don't forget Truss was not proposing a cut. Merely not implementing an increase. An important distinction our broadcast media have chosen to ignore.) There is nothing to celebrate about the return of an ‘orthodoxy’ that has brought us an insane housing market, negative real interest rates, double digit inflation, taxes at a 70 year high, exponential spending on the worst health service in Europe, £2.4 trillion of debt and lower wages than we had in 2008." Chris Carter

"If he [Boris] is back as PM a week today, it will be the most dramatic plot twist since Bobby Ewing woke up in the 1980s' television drama Dallas and revealed he had dreamt the entire previous series." Christopher Hope today in the Daily Telegraph

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  1. Pursue 12 years of austerity

    Leave the EU with no real plan

    Make it more difficult to import and export goods to and from your island

    Scramble from vulnerable position when external forces roil global trade

    Award major inflationary tax cuts to the already rich, then change your mind

    Cycle through four PMs in six years

    Wonder what happened to your economy but insist it’s not your fault.