Saturday 22 October 2022

The king over the water is on his way back

As well as accurately saying Liz Truss was finished in a discussion onstage at the Cliveden Literary Festival last weekend, Michael Gove was asked whether he thought Lord Northcliffe, the press baron who founded the Daily Mail, would have been campaigning for Boris Johnson to make a comeback.

“He would have been campaigning for the maximum possible drama. There is of course a box-set element in which characters who drop out of the drama come back for later runs.”

I feel exactly the same.

One of the reasons I found myself thinking Donald Trump would win in 2016, despite very clever American Democrats assuring me it was impossible, is that victory for Hillary would have been such a dramatic let-down.

The return of the king over the water....

And it would have the advantage that the return of Boris would answer the question posed by protesters to Liz Truss during her speech at the party conference. 'Who voted for this?" 

People who argue for a general election because the Tories no longer have a mandate are also arguing for the second coming of Boris.

Nevertheless, I don't want him to return.

His Carbon Zero folly and wasteful spending on furloughs is inflicting and will inflict terrible poverty on his country. 

He wants millions more immigrants. Up to 3 million Chinese for a start.

He allegedly persuaded Mr Zelensky not to negotiate with Russia.

He was an obedient servant of America, in his last speech as PM in the Commons advising his successor to keep close to America.

He's a serial adulterer and liar. The House doesn't trust his word.

He is not able to run anything, let alone a country, though he sometimes delegates well.

The whims of his young and silly wife, about everything from fur coats to LGBT rights, seemed to be law with him and therefore the country.

He even wanted regime change in Syria when he was Foreign Secretary.

And many other sins that I cannot at present call to mind, as Catholics say in the confessional.

But I think he might well be back and he does make things fun.

One nice thing would be that his return would annoy the BBC, but maybe it's what they would like - they could continue gunning for him.

But even though the Beeb despises him he is not remotely conservative. No, my unenthusiastic choice is Richi.


  1. You make good points there and have identified my issues with Boris, though I personally like his style and debating.

  2. He will win if he wants the job. It reminds me of William IIi at Torbay and the return of General Peron. Others talk of Napoleon's escape from Elba.