Thursday 6 October 2022

The Benin Bronzes, trophies of war, are to be given back. Here is some context.



What a big debt Africa, (like Asia and Latin America) owes white men.


  1. And yet your Lord and Saviour was a brown man.

  2. You're not in the Metropolitan Police, are you?

  3. What tosh. Even the anecdotes of sacrifice from soldiers were wildly exaggerated by the British press at the time to justify what was not only a punitive expedition for Phillips’ treatment , but also to enrich empire. In fact the style of pegging and cutting a cross into the abdomen was learned from Portuguese slavers and did not exist before the white north started large scale slaving expeditions to West Africa and the borders of the Benin Empire in the 16th century. The wanton destruction of Benin city was an act of deliberate cultural decimation to subdue”restless natives”. If Africa owes the white man anything it is distaste for his distain for any culture other than christendom, an attitude you have inherited.

  4. Here is context of the civilized white in 1857 India, with execution by blowing with cannon. “One wretched fellow slipped from the rope by which he was tied to the guns just before the explosion, and his arm was nearly set on fire. While hanging in his agony under the gun, a sergeant applied a pistol to his head; and three times the cap snapped, the man each time wincing from the expected shot. At last, a rifle was fired into the back of his head, and the blood poured out of the nose and mouth like water from a briskly handled pump. This was the most horrible sight of all. I have seen death in all its forms, but never anything to equal this man's end.”

    Indeed what a debt the benighted world owes christendom.