Wednesday 12 October 2022

Colo(u)r blind, fascist America



Graham Greene said everyone belonged to either the torturable or the untorturable class. In a comparable way, one half of mankind can be called Nazis, the other cannot, but it is sometimes hard knowing who is in which class. Black people nowadays can be Nazis, but not Jews, most right-wing politicians can but not ones like Anna Soubry who oppose Brexit. People who parade with swastikas in Ukraine should possibly not be called Nazis. People who oppose children being prescribed puberty blockers certainly can. 

The Nazis liked invading countries - but people like Nigel Farage or Ann Coulter, who don't want their country invaded, are the Nazis now. 

Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson are Nazis because they want to avoid wars.

The singer Kanye West is accused of propagating White Supremacist slogans this week, despite being black, and of antisemitism for saying Jews invented cancel culture. 

I thought this tweet was a good joke yesterday. Today, to my great surprise, I found that Occupy Democrats is not a parody account and the tweet was perfectly serious.

As you know, gentle reader, it is very often literally impossible to distinguish between parody and reality, satire and the news and hard left from hard right. 

Postscript 12 October.


  1. It's more than okay for the black man to be a Nazi as black trumps (pun not intended) all politics in the USA.

    1. It's ok to call a black man a Nazi but not to compare Israeli soldiers to Nazis, though a nice Israeli woman I had dinner with in Tel Aviv, the friend of a friend, said she had been shocked that some IDF soldiers, in her words, had behaved like Nazis.