Saturday 22 October 2022

Romanians are not politically correct

A Romanian acquaintance I bumped into in the park yesterday, Gio, blamed the current mess in the UK on Brexit and I explained that it was completely unconnected to Brexit. 

Was I right?

There is no obvious connection, though foreigners assume one, but I can't help remembering John Harris in the Observer saying George Dangerfield’s famous critique of the Liberal landslide of 1906, “from that victory they never recovered”, may apply to the referendum result and the 2019 landslide victory.

Gio added that leaders must be warriors and therefore women do not make good leaders. Not true of Mrs. Thatcher but true of Theresa May. Miss Truss certainly wasn't a happy warrior.

It's interesting that, apart from Gio, the people I know who said to me that women do not make good politicians are all women.

What do I think? I think they should appoint the best person for the job each time, without regard for sex. Margaret Thatcher, who said 'feminism is poison', became Tory leader despite plenty of prejudice against a woman. Theresa May, on the other hand, became Home Secretary because George Osborne told David Cameron there should be a woman among the three great offices of state. She did a truly awful job at the Home Office before doing a much worse one as Prime Minister. Liz Truss entered Parliament because she was on David Cameron A List, created to increase the number of women and non-white Conservative MPs.


  1. Plenty of men think women make rotten leaders. They just don’t say so out loud.

  2. In my rather narrow purview from a business standpoint 40 plus years in various technical roles in silicon valley women make rotten leaders. My one contra experience was a woman VP who was not only technically competent but completely without the pc crap that seems to come with them. Maybe cuz she never had any children of her own? A few middle managers who never had direct reports were also okay team members.