Monday 22 June 2020

I wish I watched Romanian TV - I have to endure the BBC World Service

I caught the Pro-TV weather forecast in the dentist. It is a festival of cleavage. The forecast itself is not attractive: more rain, cool. It has been like this for six weeks.

I must start watching TV. I have said this to myself for twenty years. TV puts you in touch with reality. Books and newspapers and the internet don't. 

Because reality is an illusion projected into our homes by television companies.

I used to know a lot about world politics before I came to Romania. In an attempt to know more this year I have been listening to the BBC World Service but the effort is almost killing me.

The other day I tried to listen to World Business Report. The first twenty minutes were about 'Juneteenth' the anniversary of the end of slavery in the USA , which few Americans had heard of till recently, and racism. Two American women who were definitely Democrats preached sermons, then an Englishman from the Bank of England did. You hardly hear a Tory or Republican voice and when you do the presenter argues hard against them. It all sounds like a Joe Biden party political broadcast. 

Just now the first story was Covid-19 deaths in Brazil, where the nuts come from. The presenter tried to get two epidemiologists to blame it on Bolsonaro. They didn't do so. 

Then a Democrat (he wasn't identified as such) talked about John Bolton's new book. The revelations are very important but what shocked the presenter was a Republican saying he would not vote for Trump, as if he were the first.

The elder and young George Bushes come to mind and  a raft of Never Trumpers. Perhaps she didn't know about them.

Then the first item on the sports news is about racism in football (Confederate flags, actually, which is very different), then the news summary and now an Israeli talks to the presenter about neo-Nazi, anti-
gay, anti-women and hateful comments on TikTok. The BBC presenter, though a journalist with a professional interest in freedom of speech you'd think, is very concerned about this.

By the way, a point about good English: people now misuse the word hateful which means deserving of hatred, not full of hatred.

Country File is a now a hotbed of left-wing ideas and is strongly hostile to Brexit.  From Our Own Correspondent talks about racism all the time. Women's Hour went from recipes and household tips to feminism before I went up to university.

And when it comes to immigration, refugees or Brexit...

It's not just the state-owned BBC. Sky News last night had a headline about how Donald Trump's speech sought to divide America. I cannot find it now. 

It's coverage of him is very hostile. Fair enough you say, but it's not fair because Sky News is based in the UK, governed by Ofcom and is supposed to be politically impartial.

The Sky Political Editor Beth Rigby told Boris to his face that he had brought shame on his party by his remark about how women in burqas looked like letter boxes (he hadn't). Adam Boulton of Sky said in a  tweet to Boris's official mistress that Brexit supporting Tories were far right.

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