Thursday 11 June 2020

Rod Dreher

'At UCLA, the university has removed a lecturer who refused a student’s request to give black students preferential treatment in grading, because they’re black.The lecturer, a white man, responded to the student’s request by saying that would be unfair. For this, the university has suspended him.'
The full story is here.

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  1. “Obviously, it won’t be men like Rod who will lead us out of this mess. Rod’s blog is a daily chronicle of why young White men should expect nothing from conservative liberalism. Rusty Reno’s latest book is a fairly decent account of how mainstream conservatism is part and parcel of this culture of weakness. It couldn’t be mainstream without being … WEAK. By definition, strong men are eliminated from conservatism and so now you are left with nothing but the morons, grifters and the social climbers.”