Sunday 14 June 2020

What is going on in England?

I have no idea and hope you can explain it to me. But it is very worrying indeed.

Last week a mob of left-wing demonstrators attacked what the BBC News referred to as 'the controversial Churchill statue'.

Please pause and think about that. 

I didn't believe it till I clicked on the link. Please click on it for yourself, gentle reader.


Matthew Goodwin, whose tweet that was, is a bestselling author of a book about national populism.

Last weekend there were more protests and more rioting in England by Black Lives Matter supporters (essentially Antifa), because of the death in police custody of a man in Minnesota in the USA. (The case is sub judice and cannot be discussed for fear of prejudicing the jury, which doesn't stop people doing so, including Boris Johnson.)

The crowd defaced statues and attacked the police. 

In response, the British police got down on their knees to the crowd to show their approval for Black Lives Matter.

I am not making this up.

The authorities, the press, academics and big business have aligned themselves with Black Lives Matter. They do so not in order to calm the protesters in the street but from hatred of racism and from fear people might think them racist.

Nigel Farage lose his radio programme on LBC for comparing BLM to the Taliban. 

His dismissal was warmly applauded in several papers. The days are gone when journalists liked freedom of speech for professional reasons.

Of course, he was punished for making a very fair point.

A woman police officer was thrown from her horse and punctured her lung, but the BBC didn’t really talk about it on their news coverage.

A statue of a benefactor to Bristol was toppled into Bristol harbour by the mob because he had owned slaves. The police said they did not arrest protesters on the spot as it would have caused more disorder and disruption and that they understood the reasons for the crowd's action. The Chief Constable made a broadcast in which he asked viewers to imagine what the effect would have been of trying to fight back the crowd 

to protect a statue, the image of a man reputed to have made much of his fortune from the slave trade.
He said that Bristol should be proud that the incident happened without violence.

The Mayor of Bristol, who is of mixed race, said it was 

an act of historical poetry.

The statue of Churchill in Parliament Sq has had to be covered up, by order of the Mayor of London.

Yesterday men from a fringe party, Britain First, assembled to guard the statue of Churchill from left-wing demonstrators. The leader of the party said they were 
"extremely fed up with the way that the authorities have allowed two consecutive weekends of vandalism against our national monuments."
They were attacked by BLM protesters and this time the police intervened and made over a hundred arrests. 

The Prime Minister said
Racist thuggery has no place on our streets.
but said nothing about anti-racist thuggery.

When what the media call far right hooligans tried to leave London, as requested by the Metropolitan police, they were attacked at Waterloo station by the mob.

The tweet below is from a Russian stand-up comedian (whose politics are Liberal Democrat, should you worry lest he be a conservative). I saw him last summer at the Edinburgh Festival. Being Russian he knows a lot about the far left.


  1. I'm wondering if the police would have had the same non-interventionist approach if an equaly large group of white supremacists had attempted to topple a statue of Nelson Mandela.

    1. Definitely not but that is because the police see their job as suppressing what they consider racism, not protecting public or private property. Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhi are now considered saints in England, despite only the third having any connection with England and that because he was the enemy of the British empire.

      MLK is on the west front of Westminster Abbey despite his taste for group sex with prostitutes whom, so I read recently, he beat up. He did what Communists told him to do, of course, throughout his political career.

      I don't think Mandela ever ceased to be a Communist and eulogised South African Communist Party leader Joe Slovo on his death in 1995, but these things are not considered important. .

  2. "They do so not from fear of the mob but from hatred of racism." I disagree. As with the "not wanting to be called racist" excuse for the authorities enabling the Muslim rape gangs, we're not seeing the big stick that's being wielded in the background. E.g. companies are systematically targeted with threats of boycotts, and newspapers, broadcasters and websites are targeted with threats to boycott their advertisers. Academics, teachers and public sector workers are held hostage by students, clients and colleagues who can raise a mob against them at any time, threatening to destroy their individual careers and/or the reputation of their institution.

  3. Yes. I meant they do not fear the mob's violence but yes they are terrified people might think they are racist.

  4. I can empathise with your idea of being a refugee away from the leftist insanity which is now Britain. I saw this cultural marxist insanity coming many years ago, and moved to Poland in the late 1990s, and have been in Warsaw since 2003. When I first arrived in Poland, the relief of not having to double-think all the time before saying anything was literally like chains coming off my neck. In Poland, I can go to the old Latin Mass, talk about Roger Scruton and Jordan Peterson, and point out the barking madness of political-'correctness' without much fear of being blacklisted. However, through the younger generation, the LBQT insanity has started to become visible in Poland over the last few years, a seriously worrying development. Now, I must occasionally double-think, something I don't really like doing.

    1. through the younger generation, the LBQT insanity has started to become visible in Poland over the last few years, a seriously worrying development.

      What's happening in the West today will be happening in eastern Europe in a decade or two. As I've said before the Eastern European countries that decided they wanted to join the EU and enjoy the dubious benefits of globalism signed their own death warrants. They decided that money was more important than their own cultures.

      The ones that joined NATO are definitely doomed. They will not be permitted to resist the tidal wave of the Poz.

      By joining the EU and NATO they surrendered their sovereignty.

  5. Christopher Newbury tried to leave this comment. I am doing it for him.

    When the chief nonstable says “a man reputed to have made much of his fortune from the slave trade”, what he means is “I’ve read it in the Guardian”. No one knows how Colston made his money. He was a shareholder in the African Company, but his main income was from other businesses.

  6. It is true that black lives matter, but BLM is indeed super-radical organization that is a danger to society.

  7. Only 25% of Brits approve of the protestors who pulled down the statues

    That suggests to me that approval of the protestors among the young is likely to be closer to 50%. In the under-25 age group it might be higher than 50%.

    The blogger Audacious Epigone has posted some disturbing survey results from the US that indicate very strong levels of approval of political violence among the young.