Tuesday 16 June 2020

BLM is gaining support


A poll by Rasmussen yesterday showed 62 percent of likely American voters have a favorable opinion of BLM, higher than the numbers who approve of Messrs Trump or Biden.

Tucker Carlson is losing sponsorship for his TV show because he criticises BLM. A number of prominent people have lost their jobs for doing so or for prejudiced remarks, often on social media.

How will this impact the election? Lord Black says Trump should win but that does not now provide any certainty that he will.

Meanwhile in England Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, has told students that they can apply for “mitigating circumstances” if their performance in exams was affected by George Floyd’s death. She said that the university is “determined to support our black students in every way possible”.

There has been widespread disorder at Black Lives Matter demonstrations in France and at night disturbances involving Chechen gangs in Lyons and Dijon. In Dijon the Chechens have been fighting Arabs for four nights. Some reports suggested Chechens had travelled to Dijon from all over France to take part as well as from Belgium and Germany.


  1. We have won the war.
    We will win the war.
    We must win the war.

    Why, it seems only yesterday that the overfed Lord Black was trumpeting the absolutely certain re-election of President Trump, his kindred spirit and meaty-faced Savior of America. I guess matters have shifted on the ground lately.

    1. Is BLM a concerted attempt to prevent Trump winning? It should make his reelection certain but I am not sure. In this year of grace, who can know anything?

    2. Is BLM a concerted attempt to prevent Trump winning? It should make his reelection certain but I am not sure.

      Even 20 years ago it would have made his reelection a certainty but the Silent Majority is now the Silent Minority.

      The problem is that while I dislike BLM they have a point about cops. I think there's a majority of people these days who are tired of cops getting away with being thugs. To some extent the protests are a reflection of declining confidence in the police. Only a handful of right-wingers still see police as Heroes In Blue.

      So if you're going to oppose BLM (and you should) you have to show a willingness to make cops more accountable. This may be why there's such a surprising degree of support for the protests. To some extent they're anti-police protests, and to some degree they're justified.

      A smart leader (which automatically excludes Trump) would combine opposition to BLM with some pledges that in future police officers who commit murder will pay the same penalties as other murderers.

      Of course I'm not suggest that all cops are killers. But the ones that are have for many years been able to get away wth it.

      As so often the Right has allowed itself to be out-manoeuvred by the Cultural Left.

      It's the same story with Confederate statues. Going after those statues was a very smart move by the Cultural Left. It leaves the Right with two choices - surrender or be seen to be defending the Confederacy, which is about as popular as defending HItler. Again the Right needed to be clever in its response, and again it failed.