Sunday 14 June 2020

The media distort the truth and lie about the BLM protests/riots

The untrustworthiness and bias of the New York Times and Washington Post beggar belief. There is simply no reason to read them. But the British media are not so much better when it comes to Black Lives Matter.

A white protester was snapped urinating on the curtilage wall of the Palace of Westminster, which is bad behaviour and contempt of Parliament, but all the urinals had been closed by order of the Mayor. He no doubt did not notice that beside him was a statue to PC Keith Palmer, who was killed by a terrorist
Khalid Masood, three years ago.

The papers all report untruthfully that he urinated on the statue. They know it's untrue because the photo makes it clear that he did not.

The media makes much of this incident but the media said little about BLM men urinating on, not beside, the Cenotaph and Churchill's statue. 

The BLM protesters who attacked the police last weekend were treated with tenderness by the press in contrast. The BBC headline said

27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London.

BBC listeners know that they are to understand that anti-racism protesters are good and, on the other hand, anti-BLM protesters are racist and wicked.

Now we have reported the story of the wonderful BLM demonstrator who rescued a white rival protester. And indeed he is to be congratulated, because he may well have saved the man's life.

But he saved him from dying by picking him up from the ground where he might have been walked on, beaten or kicked to death, so he says. And he did so, he said, to prevent the death tarnishing the BLM side.

What was the man doing on the ground? I don't know but my guess is he was knocked to the ground by thugs. The media do not want you to see that. 

A Black Lives Matter supporter who carried an injured man to safety during violent clashes in London has told Sky News he "didn't want to see him die".
Patrick Hutchinson draped the rival protester over his shoulder after he was allegedly attacked near Waterloo station.
An extraordinary image of what happened went viral around the world - with Mr Hutchinson's actions receiving praise.
Speaking to Sky News, Mr Hutchinson said he was "concerned" for the man's life and "scooped" him up before carrying him to safety.
He said: "I really feel that if we hadn't intervened when we did, I genuinely think he may have died.
"I didn't do it for him per se. I didn't want to see him perish or die but I really did it for the young men and women of BLM.
"I didn't want their names tarnished with such an incident."

Churchill, whose statue the BBC called controversial and was defaced, was racist by the standards of his own time. Gandhi was racist too.

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    Gone With the Wind... It’s now number one in Amazon DVD sales.

    Pre-sign-up requests for Trump’s Tulsa rally have exceeded 800,000, and everybody signing up knows that the capacity of the arena is 20,000.

    The Trump campaign also raised a hell of a lot of money, $14 million in one day for Trump’s birthday. Fourteen million in one day.

    Twenty percent of Minneapolis’s real estate listings came after the rioting. People want out of there. Who runs it? Who is running these places? Democrats. In some cases, African-American. You got police chief, mayor... My point is they have promised to fix this stuff for 50 years. They haven’t even made one step toward progress. Not one in all these years.

    At what point does this become self-evident to people that all of these problems and all of these messes can be traced back to the Democrat Party?