Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Facts about Covid-19

This tells you everything you wanted to know about Covid-19 but were afraid to ask. 

But a couple of caveats, at least. Though there is evidence that masks are useless there are also arguments that they might in some ways be useful. In any case, they make us feel safe and that the government is doing something to protect us.

Studies have indeed shown that the virus was not found on surfaces, but on one of the cruise ships hit by the virus the virus was found everywhere. I suspect though that you catch this thing by talking to people at length or singing with people indoors.

This, if you do not know it, is invaluable information, much better than that provided by the press.


  1. Good links but the time has gone by. Folks arent listening to fact and they have chosen not to use their reason.

  2. JB Handley's piece is very interesting, until you get right to the end and discover that he's an anti-vaxxer.

    Oh dear.