Saturday 6 June 2020

Please watch this clip and decide if Joe Biden is in good enough mental health to be U.S. President

Please watch this clip and decide if Joe Biden is senile or could credibly win the presidency and discharge its functions. 

The women who are questioning him about sexual harassment are clearly on his side and willing him to clear up the issue with a show of words, but Joe is unable to concentrate on the matter or be at all coherent. The women are embarrassed for him. 

It may just be my fancy, but I imagine they are Democrats worried that performing like this he has no chance of beating Donald Trump.

He always made lots of 'gaffes', always waffled, got confused and strayed from the point, it is perfectly true, but if you doubt he is losing his grip this is how Joe Biden spoke in 1992, when he was in his prime. 

(By the way, in that clip from 1992 he was arguing that Congress should refuse to approve President George H.W. Bush's nomination of a judge to the Supreme Court before the forthcoming presidential election. When the Republicans followed his advice in 2016 he felt differently.)

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  1. I presume the plan is for Biden to nominate Shrillary as his running mate, win the election, then after a decent interval (say, three days) he will stand aside on health grounds and there you are - mission accomplished.