Monday 8 June 2020


"Only by pulling down these statues can we make the space necessary for a meaningful and transformative re-education." Dalia Gebrial, a PhD student at LSE and co-editor of 'Decolonising the University'. When I was very little the word re-education was only used to refer to what the North Vietnamese did to prisoners whom they allowed to live. It was generally called brainwashing in the West.

"As North Americans, we don’t know what martyrdom is." Hans Boersma, Protestant theologian, writing in First Things.

"US military presence in Europe is first and foremost about US interests. Of course, the presence of US troops in Europe contributes to collective defense of allies but this is a consequence of, not the reason for, the troops. Don’t look at Europe. Look around it. From the Arctic to the Levant, from the Maghreb to Caucasus, Europe is at one of the most important crossroads of the world. US bases in Europe provide American leaders with flexibility, resilience and options in a dangerous multipolar world. The huge garrisons of American service personnel in Europe are no longer the fortresses of the Cold War, but the forward operating bases of the 21st century. The US needs to have the tools available to react to events in America’s interests. Our force posture in Europe does this." Luke Coffey


  1. Science has been mostly about politics for twenty years or more. Scientists will do do anything to keep their funding. Anything at all. They'll grovel, they'll lie, they'll beg, they'll humiliate themselves. Because as far as scientists are concerned science is all about money.

    They're like journalists. They're whores.

    1. You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God! the British journalist.
      But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to.
      Humbert Wolfe

      I am shocked by how little journalists want to investigate stories that might impinge on a public figure's privacy - what privacy?- or might harm race relations or show immigrants in a bad light.