Sunday 21 June 2020

Black Lives Matter UK say they aim to dismantle capitalism

On Black Lives Matter UK's GoFundMe page, a statement was uploaded a few days ago. It explains that the organisation intends to be ‘guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world’.

On the BLMUK Facebook page, the group declares that it is opposed to 

‘homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, queerphobia, transphobia, sexism, misogyny, misogynoir, enbyphobia, ableism, racism, anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, whorephobia, ageism, fatphobia, eugenics, discrimination, stereotypes, respectability politics, the stigmatisation of HIV and the stigmatisation of addiction.’ 

I learnt all this from an article in the Daily Mail, which makes this point.

If those behind Black Lives Matter UK really do intend to ‘dismantle’ capitalism, what might they wish to replace it with? And how would that benefit people of colour?
The only alternative system practised elsewhere in the world is communism. But as China’s Uighur Muslims, or the 1.5 million people from ethnic minorities who were deported or sent to gulags by Josef Stalin, would attest, that system can be very racist indeed.

Of course the Mail is right to mention Communism, but the one thing Communism is not guilty of is racism. In fact Communists coined the word and invented the concept.

I don't know if the Chinese Communist treatment of the Uigur Muslims is racist, but I'd be surprised. I suspect it is their religion, not their race, which makes the Communists see them as a threat. 

Still, it's a very illuminating article from a much maligned but often very good paper, one which sometimes somewhat timidly critiques the ruling ideology, though often is very PC itself.

As it is in another article in the Mail, which lavishly praises Patrick Hutchinson, who rescued Mr Bryn Male from a BLM mob. It is right to do so but omits to mention that he said he did so to prevent a death making BLM look bad. 

Mr Male, who had ended up on the ground before his rescue, is described by the Mail as 'an ex-police thug' who had a shaven head and a Millwall tattoo. 

Witnesses said he drunkenly declared ‘f*** Black Lives Matter’ before being punched and kicked by rival demonstrators.

The Mail does not say he did anything beyond using a four letter word to bring down an attack that might have cost him his life. It brushes over this, but gives me the impression that it thinks protesting against BLM and hoping to protect statues is damning. 

The article tells us Mr Male is vice-chairman of the social club in the village where he lives.

But for how much longer? A petition to remove him has 380 signatures. 

The ‘Get rid of Bryn Male’ campaign says: ‘On June 13 we all witnessed an honourable man, Patrick Hutchinson, carrying an injured stranger to safety. We are now aware that the injured man was Bryn Male. We cannot allow those... attitudes to be part of the club.’


  1. An anti-colonialist 25 year old Australian historian disapproves of statues of Captain Cook, Nelson and my great hero Clive of India. What would Lord Macaulay say?

  2. All is not lost until we see the Tory cabinet kneeling in the corridors of Westminster.

  3. BLM is a Marxist organisation - founded by two Marxist ladies in (if I remember correctly) 2017. It also has a mentor (who they often push in meetings) who can not enter the United States or the United Kingdom - because she murdered a policeman, escaped from prison (back in the 1970s) and lives in Cuba.

    Specifically BLM is a Frankfurt School Marxist movement - the Frankfurt School has aimed (for many years) to update Marxism by directing its "anti capitalist" attention to matters of the "exploitation and oppression" of women, homosexuals (and now transexuals) and racial groups - such as black people. Neither Karl Marx or Frederick Engels had much sympathy for such groups of people - hence Frankfurt School Marxists (who started way back in the 1920s) seeking to update Marxism.

    If anyone claims not to know that BLM is, and has always been, Marxist - they are either a liar, or someone who can not be bothered to do even five minutes worth of research.

  4. It is odd how Marxism has developed since the influence of the Frankfurt School started to be felt in the 1920s ad 1930s (although it only really took off in the 1960 - when it became fashionable in the United States, it having come to New York and then California in the 1930s to escape the German National Socialists). "Stalin" condemned the "Frankfurt School" as "Politically Incorrect" (ironically a term the Frankfurt School were later to make their own) - as his focus was still on manual workers (like his late father - who had been a showmaker), not women, or homosexuals or non white races.

    Neither the Soviet Union of Marxist China ever had much time for the Frankfurt School of Marxism - because the Soviet Union and Marxist China revered Karl Marx and Frederick Engels as actual thinkers (not metaphors), they were interested in the men themselves.

    And, to use the language of the Frankfurt School, Dr Karl Marx and his friend and patron the "capitalist" Frederick Engels were "racists", "sexists" and "homophobes". Fred Engels was always trying to seduce women (in an age when contraception was rare, abortion was a very severe crime, and having an illegitimate child ruined the life of a women), and Dr Karl fathered a child on the servant he had "inherited" from his wife's aristocratic family (like Rousseau before him Karl Marx essentially flung away the child - sending him out to be fostered). Both men considered homosexuals to be total degenerates, and their attitudes to race were extreme even by the standards of their time - Karl Marx constantly using the "N word" and very much as a term of abuse. For example both Fred and Karl were delighted to find out that a rival French socialist represented, in the French Assembly, that part of Paris that contained the zon - they jumped on stories of his supposed "N......" blood, and said (again and again....) how it was that this person who was "nearer the animal kingdom that the rest of us" should represent the zoo.

    The doctrine of "oppression and exploitation" developed by Dr Karl from the FALSE economics of David Ricardo (perhaps the best refutations of Ricardo, on LAND as well as on the labour theory of value were by the American economists Frank Fetter - who, like Cole Porter, came from he little town of Peru Indiana) was about industrial workers - but the Frankfurt School (and French "Post Modernism" - which I almost forgot about) has applied it to race, "gender", "sexual orientation" and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

    Classical Marxism was a false theory of history based upon a false theory of economics - Frankfurt School Marxism (like French Post Modernism) is not even a false theory - it is like a choking cloud of gas, one can not get a grip on it, there is nothing there to refute.

    Perhaps this is why it has taken control of most schools, universities, "the media", and BIG BUSINESS.

    Frankfurt School Marxism is insane (it is the rule of lunatics) - but if a person opposes it (for example speaks against "Black Lives Matter") they are likely to lose their job, and be attacked and persecuted.