Thursday 4 June 2020

'Now we know coronavirus is not a random killer, this one-size-fits-all lockdown must come to an end'

"When it is all over, we must do our best not to emerge into a ‘New Normal’ – in that dismal cliched phrase that suggests a dull, constrained future – but an ‘Old Normal’, as we seize back our former lives." 
Professor Karol Sikora, who says the virus seems to be petering out except in Latin America - which is obvious. He hopes it will all be over by September.

A British nurse friend of mine told me in March that it would be over in three or four weeks, 'but don't quote me'. I didn't believe him. I hope it is over before September and before a vaccine is developed, if one is. In Romania and Eastern Europe, including Greece but very possibly not including Russia, it should be over by the end of July.

1,296 deaths in Romania are recorded up to this morning of people who were infected with Covid-19. 80% of them, according to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health who has looked at each case closely, were not from Covid-19. Fewer than 300 deaths from Covid-19 then in almost ten weeks, mostly of old people with other serious health problems too. Thankfully this is nothing like the pandemic we feared, though a terrible pandemic will no doubt come one day. Let's hope we have better ideas about what to do when it does and let's hope they do not involve stopping the world.

By the way, YouTube removed an interview with Professor Sikora, before later reinstating it. (They also shadow banned Peter Hitchens, deleted an interview with Dr Knut Wittkowski, former head of epidemiology at Rockefeller University, and removed a clip of Toby Young talking to Stanford Professor Michael Levitt. Imagine your telephone company cutting off your calls if you made remarks which contradicted WHO advice.)

'The coronavirus lockdowns have upended the lives of Americans to “protect” them from a virus with a 0.2 percent fatality rate, with the majority of those fatalities occurring in nursing homes and among people with chronic health conditions.' (Ron Paul five days ago.)

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