Friday 12 June 2020

The Corona virus panic is exactly that, a panic

The panic about Covid-19 is exactly that: a panic. Clearly the virus is not remotely as dangerous as at first feared. There are lots of reasons to be hopeful.

Professor Karol Sikora, a senior oncologist who has built a huge Twitter following for his optimistic views about the virus, said the real number of deaths from the virus in the UK may be half the recorded figures.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph's Planet Normal podcast, Professor Sikora said the virus would be mentioned on death certificates when there was "any hint" that it could have been the cause, as well as retrospectively over the telephone. The Germans are much more careful.

The Romanian Secretary of State, Dr. Horatiu Moldovan, who has looked closely at each reported death in Romania (now over 1300, but under 900 when he spoke) said only 20% of the recorded deaths were really deaths from the virus.

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