Monday 8 June 2020

What are the facts behind Black Lives Matter?

I explained in a post days ago that the idea that African-Americans are being shot dead by the police because of their colour is hooey, moonshine. 

Last year American police officers shot dead nine unarmed black people and fifteen unarmed white people, despite black people making up over half of all people arrested for robbery or murder  and, according to researchers at Pennsylvania State University being 12 times more likely to commit homicide than whites. 

I don't have time to write more but Ed West has done it for me in this useful list of facts.

Worth keeping to hand if you find you need to explain the truth to people who have been taken in by the media and the BLM scam.


  1. Ed West:

    Today’s disturbances in the United States have drawn parallels with the French protests of 1968, generally seen as the start of a great cultural shift in social mores. It was the year of the sexual and cultural revolution when the baby-boomers came of age, and the conservative cultural dominance of the American, French and British elites were swept aside (although in each case in a slightly different way).

    Both 1968 and 2020 were led by middle-class graduates from the higher echelons of society, yet the differences between the two are also significant. The demands of the soixante-huitards were quite controversial, although the door was opening to them; racial attitudes were still antediluvian and sexual promiscuity was still frowned upon. Big business, the civil service and the military were overwhelmingly conservative, while even academia was mixed, and almost a third of British professors voted Conservative.

    In contrast the 2020 protests, and the Great Awokening of which they are part of, have almost universal establishment support. Aside from the demented president, almost all elite institutions in the US support the protesters; theatres are providing help to demonstrators even as the protests turned to riots, while almost big businesses are falling over themselves to get behind BLM. Everything from the Wellcome Trust to National Public Radio have lined up to show support.

    The only institution not in favour is the police.

    Perhaps most bizarrely, even health officials overturned their own advice about demonstrations in the middle of a deadly pandemic because racism is a “public health crisis”.

  2. 'disturbances in the United States'

    Woman upset she can’t loot store, video: