Monday 15 June 2020

Raining on the parade - and mentioning Drummer Lee Rigby

The British media makes much of the incident of the anti-BLM protester who allegedly urinated on (in fact not on, but close to) the statue of murdered P.C. Palmer, at the wall of the Houses of Parlament.

Labour Party (socialist) leader Sir Keir Starmer called it 'beneath contempt', but the media said little and he said nothing about BLM men urinating on, not beside, the Cenotaph and Churchill's statue. This happened the weekend before last.

The BLM protesters who attacked the police last weekend were treated with tenderness by the press, in contrast. The BBC headline said

27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London.

BBC listeners know that they are to understand that anti-racism protesters are good and, on the other hand, anti-BLM protesters are racist and wicked.

Black lives matter and do did Drummer Lee Rigby's. He was beheaded in the street in South London by two black Britons who had converted in prison to Islam. I suppose they considered him a valid military target. The IRA did so when it blew up a military band.

His memorial was vandalised. This was largely ignored by the media. 

Sir Keir did not comment on it or say it was beneath his contempt.

The Independent does not ignore Drummer Rigby though, but talks to Dr Joe Mulhall, Director of Research of the left-wing group Hope Not Hate, about George Floyd and Drummer Rigby.

While statues have mostly been seized on by cultural nationalists, more openly racist elements have been spreading footage of violence by black protesters to reinforce their beliefs.

Previously, far-right activists sought to compare the death of George Floyd to the terror attack where Lee Rigby was murdered, by framing them both as racial killings. 

“Great replacement” conspiracy theorists, who think the white western population is being supplanted, have been claiming any disorder is a consequence of “diversity”.
Dr  Mulhall said that war memorials were “sacred” for British nationalists (presumably not to him) and the reaction could be compared to how religious communities would react to the desecration of holy sites.
“It really is a culture war moment”
but he is relieved that the far right have been driven off Twitter, Facebook and most social media and are therefore contained.

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  1. "“It really is a culture war moment”"

    Well he's right about that.

    This is happening because the Tories failed to fight the Culture War. Well actually they did fight it. They fought on the side of the Cultural Left. Because to modern Tories nothing matters except money. That started with Britain's most disastrous prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.