Friday 26 June 2020

Western civilisation under attack and no one says a word

Israeli police of course did not teach Minnesota policemen how to grip felons by the throat. Of course saying they did is not racist.

I almost think that Holand Park should be renamed. Lord Holland the protégé of Fox and patron of Macaulay was the archetypal liberal and a remote progenitor of this stuff. Biter bit.  But no, he was no Keir Starmer but a great Englishman. He also opposed slavery, even if his wife owned slaves.

As Macaulay said, there is nothing so ridiculous as England in one of its periodic fits of morality, but there is nothing in the least ridiculous about this desire to erase the past. It is no joke at all. European civilisation is being attacked head-on. 


  1. but there is nothing in the least ridiculous about this desire to erase the past.

    And that's what it is. More than anything else this is driven by extreme hostility to the past and everything it represents.

  2. It’s very likely that Israelis did teach Minnesota cops the knee-on-neck move. We don’t know it as an absolute point of fact, but we know that U.S. police never used this move until fairly recently. We also know that Israel is the one nation with law enforcement that has been using this move for a long time. We also know that Israel taught moves to the Minnesota police as part of an ADL programme. Israeli counter-terrorism officials, have been training US police since 2002, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

    Labour of course doesn't have a problem with the conspiracy theory of “White Privilege” or the theory that an invisible system of subtle, secret racism is holding blacks down and a systemically racist police force is killing blacks because of their race. These are most definitely conspiracy theories with little evidence to back them up. It's precisely because "White Privilege" is an empty theory BLM and others are able to promote everywhere. If society really ran on “White Privilege” people wouldn’t be free to prattle on about it day and night casually and openly. Because real power and privilege is the ability to silence your critics and opponents or have other silence them for you. This is why Long Bailey was sacked and why any sort of peaceful pro-white advocacy is aggressively vilified by the media. Because Jews have real power and privilege and whites do not.