Saturday 23 February 2019

Hate Crime Myths are Dangerous Political Weapons

An American actor, one Jussie Smollett, has been charged with wasting police time by staging a 'racist and homophobic attack' on himself. Liberal Americans asked us not to pass judgment on the incident but keep an open mind (does this strike you as amusing, gentle reader, or is it just me?). But finally they seem to have given up the fight, unlike in the case of the allegedly racist smirking by the Covington Catholic boys. In that case, some leftists still stick to their guns when most have admitted their mistake. The boys are suing for a whopping $250 million in damages for defamation.

I have been reading about bogus 'hate crimes' in the USA ever since the 2016 election and before. Here is a useful, long list of fictitious crimes invented to slur Donald Trump and his supporters.

One is particularly memorable. US-Israeli citizen Michael Kadar was gaoled in 2017 for ten years over bomb hoax calls. Before his arrest Donald Trump had speculated that the so-called hate crimes might be hoaxes and had been howled down by his opponents. Kadar may have had mental health problems, but the court decided that he was bad not mad.

The United Nations’ committee on the elimination of racial discrimination argued that ‘British politicians helped fuel a steep rise in racist hate crimes [what a foolish phrase that is] during and after the EU referendum campaign’. 

The Daily Mail called it the ‘Great Brexit Hate Crime Myth’ in a well researched article that seemed to exploded it. An academic has since found that there was a short lived rise in reported hate crimes after the Brexit referendum, but this is not in doubt. There could be many reasons for this. What is in doubt is whether there were more hate crimes or more reports of hate crimes.

Meanwhile the New York Times, which used to be a dull, sober paper but now reads like propaganda, continues to warns its readers of rising hate crimes, in an article yesterday headlined:
"The Grave Threats of White Supremacy and Far-Right Extremism"

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