Thursday 28 February 2019

Servants should know their place

The European Commission are not meant to be politicians but the top civil servants of the EU. They should know their place. Instead on Tuesday the European Commission attacked a campaign launched by the Hungarian government the day before attacking Jean-Claude Juncker's migration plans. Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told journalists:
"The Juncker commission made a commitment to fight disinformation and fake news and this case is no exception. The Hungarian government campaign beggars belief. It is shocking that such a ludicrous conspiracy theory has reached the mainstream to the extent it has." 

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was in Strasbourg in 2017 to speak at a session of the parliament alongside Maltese Prime Minister and got angry angry that only a handful of the assembly’s MEPs decided to attend. The session was intended to review the achievements of the Maltese presidency of the EU. Mr Juncker observed petulantly: 
“The fact that there is about 30 members of parliament present in this debate only serves to illustrate that parliament is not serious in this.” 
I am sure the MEPs, even though they have little to do apart from lobbying, have better ways to spend their time. But the European Union sees members of parliaments as civil servants and civil servants a politicians.

When faced with a real politician like Nigel Farage who is rude about other MEPs and the EU panjandrums the Parliament is shocked.

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