Wednesday 27 February 2019


Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. is a law professor at Harvard University and faculty dean of one of the college's 12 residential houses. 50 students want him to resign from the faculty for agreeing to represent Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Harvard's administration agreed to conduct a review. I am not sure if the fifty are law students and hope they are not, but it augurs very badly for the American elite of twenty years from now. Though I suppose noisy political activist students have been intolerant left wing extremists since the 1960s. 

Professor Sullivan, despite his Irish name, is black, by the way.

Activist is the Duchess of Sussex's description of herself and she began her activism as a child complaining about sexist washing up commercials on television. One does feel that the American Democrats are as objectionable and destructive as any left wing socialists. They were not always like this. They went bad in the 1960s like so much else. 

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