Sunday 10 February 2019

First legally recognised "non-binary" American has reverted to being male


The first person in the US to be legally recognised as non-binary has announced on his blog that he has reverted back to being male.

'I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.'
The sex change debate is a moment when one looks to the Catholic Church for rationality and sage words but if you are looking for a Chestertonian response the bishops of England and Wales are not necessarily the men to provide it. Chesterton might have considered the tweet below

'another example of the modern and morbid weakness to sacrifice the normal to the abnormal'

though people who are ill at ease in their gender certainly do deserve prayers and do not deserve to be victimised. Mercy is important, as the Pope stresses, but plain speaking on the part of the Church is even more so. 



  1. If you look at that tweet the motivation is not mercy or compassion. The motivation is weakness and cowardice, and self-interest. The Church hierarchies want to protect their nice safe cushy jobs and they want to protect the wealth of the Church. So they grovel to the Social Justice Warriors.

  2. though people who are ill at ease in their gender certainly do deserve prayers

    Are they ill at ease in their genders though? Or are they just generally confused and rudderless and looking for a magical solution through transgenderism? Some seem to be sexual perverts looking for more opportunities to behave as sexual predators. Some are indulging in attention-seeking behaviour. None of these things should be encouraged.

    Christians are failing these people and they are failing society by indulging in cheap virtue-signalling.

    The whole trans thing is a modern phenomenon, another symptom of a dying and hopelessly decadent civilisation.

    1. hardly modern, Trans priests go back to the Vedas and Cuneiform tablets.