Monday 25 February 2019

Delingpole on the BBC’s Dangerous, Far-Left Bias

James Delingpole is one of my heroes. Read here his angry denunciation of a biassed BBC documentary about 'Tommy Robinson' (inverted commas because it is not his real name). It involves the BBC and HOPE Not Hate — which is a left wing and unsavoury group. It seems this row will be a big one.

It is alleged that the BBC used dirty tricks to elicit an accusation of sexual assault against Robinson that the alleged victim then retracted, but which the BBC used anyway. 

But why were the BBC only one-sidedly taking an anti-Robinson angle when there was clearly another side to his story, the angle that he was being stitched up repeatedly by the police and courts? This view is one that Douglas Murray has come to hold, despite initially being prejudiced against 'Robinson'.

Jamie, the name by which Mr Delingpole was introduced to me at a party when we were in our twenties, says:

At the end of his Panodrama rally, Tommy Robinson urged his followers to register their protest by cancelling their licence fee (which you’re legitimately allowed to do if you don’t watch live television).

I think this an excellent idea and I’d urge everyone to do the same. I’m sick of the BBC. From its one-sided, embarrassingly hysterical, utterly dishonest reporting on climate change to its endless politicking against Brexit, not to mention all its tediously woke dramas and its unfunny left-wing comedies, I think it has long since abandoned its claims to be a public service broadcaster which represents Britain.

He might have mentioned the BBC's relentless pro-immigration bias too. I love the BBC very much and it drives me crazy. On balance it probably should be abolished, alas. I recently started listening to the BBC News and am shocked by its bias. I listened to a one sided attack on Donald Trump's energy policy from a climate change expert the other day on the World Service. The way they talk about terrorism defies parody - asking why the French don't spend more money on conciliating Muslims rather than on anti-terrorism measures, for example.

But I enjoyed John Humphries demolishing Heidi Allen without even trying. She really is out of her depth in politics. She is not actually one of the dreadful A List but like the A List women got into Parliament simply because Central Office favoured her, which they did largely because they wanted more women.

I'd miss a lot of things though, starting with Justin Webb.

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