Saturday 23 February 2019



These people fail to predict UKIP, Brexit, etc., even after they've happened. But when it comes to a liberal centrist party, "They have eyes that see things other men cannot see, the eyes of a visionary or of a house agent."

I have yet to meet a right wing hard core racist, let alone a white supremacist.

“My son is barely old enough to spell his own name and already, I feel like our feminist parenting is failing.” For the boy’s sake, let’s hope her feminist parenting continues to fail.

Where once, as colonialists, we plundered the world for its mineral resources, now we appropriate and exploit the world's human resources. The tragedy is you think that's left wing and progressive.

I have students and academics from across the world lodge with me from the Uni of East Anglia & local English language schools. All of them have been politely appalled at the UK 'custom' of outsourcing the care of the elderly.

According to psephologist Sir John Curtiss only 8% of voters would support a new centrist anti-Brexit party. So much for the great change heralded by the new Independent Group. Meanwhile, if it grows bigger and deprives May of her majority, will it dare to vote her out? = suicide

‘You have a duty to dance to the tune that was given to you in 2016, get on with it’ This audience member says that politicians are failing to carry out the result of the EU referendum in 2016.

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