Sunday 10 February 2019

Almost half college educated American young men think violent acts are acceptable to achieve a better society


Americans get heavily into debt, or their parents do, to be indoctrinated in far left ideology. 

48% of male students and graduates in America aged 18 to 29 think violent acts are acceptable to achieve a better society. I wonder what the figure was in Germany in 1932 or Russia in 1917.

Note the difference between male graduates in their twenties and those in their 30s. Has reality mugged them or was the teaching ten or twenty years ago less left-wing? Probably mostly the former, but the zeitgeist is becoming less rational and more nihilistic. 

Eastern Europe is a refuge but East European arts graduates from Western universities are importing the killer bacillus here.


  1. Eastern Europe is a refuge

    Not for long. Any Eastern European country that has been insane enough to join the EU is going to end up as thoroughly pozzed as Western Europe and the US. It's all over for those countries.

    Russia might hold out. Ironically the more hysterically anti-Russian the West becomes the better are the chances that Russians will react against this and resist the poz. I don't think Russia will survive either, but they do at least have a very small chance.

    All we can hope for is complete economic collapse leading to the closure of all universities. Or in countries like Britain an eventual Muslim majority (much more likely if Brexit goes ahead) which will put a stop to the madness.

    1. I always disliked the authoritarian social liberalism of the EU but thought it was just me being nostalgic for a past where people were free and had common sense. But EU Canadian US etc liberalism is now clearly a vast danger and people start to fight back. Your idea about a Muslim Europe being illiberal is silly. Apart from the cure being worse than the disease, a Muslim majority Europe would be the end of Europe just as the white invasion was the end of the Aborigines' Australia and the Indians' North America.

    2. I am not sure what you mean "pozzed" (does it mean possessed in British slang?), but Russia is pretty much half Muslim half atheist nowadays. I am not sure that's the society you want to emulate for traditional European values.

    3. I am thinking of requiring a gmail address for people who comment on my blog - would that incommode you?

  2. Everyone has a plan until they're punched in the face. Mike Tyson

  3. I wonder if there would have been similar results in any other era. It is possible that younger men have more testosterone, and are more likely to see violence as a viable tool. The discrepancy between the college educated and the rest is quite drastic, however.