Wednesday 6 February 2019

Quotations found by Karl White


"Christianity, and especially Catholicism being, as I said in "The Country Doctor", a comprehensive system of repression of the depraved tendencies of man, is the greatest social element. Catholicism and Royalty are two twin principles. I write in the light of two eternal truths: Religion and Monarchy, two needs that contemporary events proclaim and to which any writer of common sense must try to bring our country back." Balzac

This is appropriate today when Queen Elizabeth competes the 67th year of her reign. 

Rootedness is perhaps the most important and most misunderstood need of the human soul. It’s one of the most difficult to define. A human being has a root through his real, active, and natural participation in the existence of a collectivity that actively conserves certain treasures of the past and certain premonitions of the future. Natural participation, that is to say automatically brought about through place, birth, profession, surroundings. Every human being needs to have multiple roots. He needs to receive the near totality of his moral, intellectual, spiritual life through the intermediary of the milieus to which he naturally belongs. Simone Weil, L’enracinement

"To be within a tradition is to be able to alter it in significant ways. To refuse to be traditional is usually to want to stick unchangeably to present ways" - Herbert McCabe

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