Thursday 7 February 2019


"Your first house was a woman. Respect and thank." 
Mariana S. Rüppel

"My two cents: if any one cares about my respect for them, please stop posting flags or naive tree-hugging messages in response to innocents being slaughtered by islamic fundamentalists. Do your citizen duty and vote for anyone proposing something competent, practical and rational about the preservation of our European culture, civilisation and society. Anything else is simply disqualifying. And by the way: no, not all cultures are equally humane, nice, desirable or progressive. You have to make a choice, assume it, be proud of it, and be ready to defend it."
Florin Ilie

“An American who had served in France during World War One told me that he had been quartered in a castle where he and his ‘buddy’ wanted to surprise the old countess. He sat down at the piano and they both sang the Marseillaise with gusto. The good lady thanked them with a sad smile and remarked softly: ‘You must realize that this was the first and, I hope, the very last time that this dirty song was ever heard in our home.’ Actually, this anthem has a text unacceptable to any Christian. Here the two Americans indeed encountered the ‘other France.’”
Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

"I wish I was as sure of anything as Tom Macaulay is of everything." 
Lord Melbourne

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