Tuesday 26 February 2019


"I believe that people should be allowed to say anything they like about anyone online – except for accusing them of criminal acts without proof, or for threatening criminal acts against them. I believe also that trolls who do not write under their real names very much degrade the level of public slanging matches and, if they are so keen on being fictional characters, should have their voting rights removed for an allotted period of time in order to teach them that the immeasurable benefit of free speech has solemn responsibilities as well as cheap thrills. And to punish them for being cowards."

Julie Burchill in the latest Spectator - I agree.

"With May, it was different. She didn’t answer questions or make small talk, or big talk. She is present only in that she makes you feel her pain. Social interaction appears torturous for her, and so it is for all around her. Dancing, snooker, her endlessly repeating what we know are lies, walking into meetings where everyone despises her. I used to feel a bit sorry for her. But that lunch, when I stared into the abyss and saw someone who has no need to make anyone else feel at ease, made me understand she is a dangerous, power-crazed maniac. The dullness is a cover. That’s all."

Suzanne Moore today in the Guardian, discussing the time she lunched with Theresa May

''Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.'' 

Cyril Connolly


  1. It's intriguing that when Burchill was young and a lefty she had a razor-sharp mind. Now that she's old and a right-winger the sharpness has all but gone. A depressing reminder that we don't always get smarter and wiser with the advancing years.

  2. M. Macron’s unified European army is not to defend Europe from outside invasion, but to repress the population should it ever revolt against the European Union elite.
    Theodore Dalrymple

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.’
    Robert Frost


    Os male causidicis et dicis olere poetis.
    Sed fellatori, Zoile, peius olet.

    M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammaton libri / recognovit W. Heraeus. Martial. Wilhelm Heraeus. Jacobus Borovskij. Leipzig. 1925/1976.

    The Decline and Fall of Periclean Athens

    Nixon cried
    When Elvis Died.
    But who will shed tears
    For Britney Spears?

    –Thomas Parker

  3. ...immanent historical forces have been pushing for more than a century to unite Europe together under German leadership. It could have happened in 1918 or 1942-3, but in any case it has happened now. In either 1918 or 1942-3 Britain would have been excluded. This was entirely accepted by Britain. When, during the war, Churchill called for the constitution of a democratically organised United States of Europe, he made it clear that Britain would not be party to it. And when moves towards European unification began in the 1940s and ’50s both Labour and Conservative governments in Britain wanted nothing to do with it. The only British political leader to advocate that Britain should join a united Europe was Oswald Mosley, whose fascist party had as its slogan “Europe A Nation”.