Wednesday 20 February 2019

Duchess of Sussex hopes to decolonise the curriculum

From The Times:

When the Duchess of Sussex visited City University in London on one of her first outings as patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) this month, her enthusiasm for change became clear. After hearing a presentation from Meera Sabaratnam, who is leading a push to decolonise the curriculum at the School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas), the duchess responded animatedly.

“Just open up that conversation so we are talking about it as opposed to continuing with that daily rote . . . sometimes that approach can be really antiquated and needs an update,” she said.
On the same visit she was visibly surprised to learn about the lack of black and female professors in British universities. She reportedly said “Oh my God” when she was shown a sheet of data showing that UK professors were overwhelmingly white men.

This is very bad news. I feel sorry for the poor old Duke of Sussex and foresee no end of trouble to come.

I have felt doubts for a while about whether the Duchess will make him a good wife. I hope I'm wrong. For one thing she is divorced, for another she's an American (which was the upper class's objection to Mrs Simpson) and therefore not high born, for a third she's a self styled activist who complained about sexist advertisements on television while a child. 

As a television star she complained about men ogling her.

Both princes have married devouring mothers from the lower classes, but the Duchess of Cambridge is pretty and behaves decorously. They are both tough girls like Mrs Simpson was.

Comments seen on Facebook: 

'It was only a matter of time really. The latest addition to the Royal Family gives support to erasing the history of our European forefathers whom forged our modern world.
The racial slurs in the campaign capture the bizarre and psychotic ethnomasochism of Great Britain's current educational hubs.
That Royal Family member(s) are backing these sorts of estranged culture-crippling education power moves on base of their race, tradition and innovation will form part of a great growing dislike against the Royal Family in the future.'

Said it at the time, she is the worst candidate for marrying into the royals since Wallis Simpson.

Political correctness (global leftism) has been mainstream dogma in educational institutions in the West for decades. British native populations (and any anti Marxist intellectual resistance in her educational institutions) all but disappeared decades ago. Only a liar or an ignoramus would deny it. Now the dupes are busy appeasing some of the most totalitarian ideologies ever conceived.

The last comment is by a non-white Cambridge academic.  The penultimate one by a Catholic priest.

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